Behaviour and Training Centre

Play time at Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park

A Training Centre with a Difference

At Beechgrove Behaviour & Training Centre our main aim is to build an excellent relationship between you and your dog, through mutual respect, belief and cooperation, using positive training methods.

Your dog is part of your family and we welcome you both as part of ours. The old fashioned, hard training methods that dogs used to get is gone and in its place is our way of taking each dog on its own merit and nature.

We always work with the animal to build a trust bond, never against them. Positive method dog training is not only dog-friendly, but also the most effective method for training behaviours that last a lifetime.

Never changing the personality, characteristics or nature of your dog as that’s what makes them, them… Instead we work with the dog and change the unwanted issues.

Our Behaviour and Training Centre has something for everyone, handling every situation with kindness and patience. From working with your dog 1-2-1 for full focus and attention, to specialised socialisation in a small group with dogs who are going to suit and accept your dog’s behaviours.

1-2-1 Training

With training on a One-to-One basis we can ensure you and your dog are comfortable and that every question you have is answered as you both have our full attention.

We will guide and advise you on the best techniques to use based on an individual assessment of you and your dog, advise and teach you practical skills that will help maintain a happy dog in everyday life situations. Using reward based training, your dog will learn that he is being rewarded for doing what you want, stopping daily challenges and building a unique bond with your four-legged friend.

1-2-1 helps with:

  • Lead Control
  • Recall Training
  • Aggression (Human & Dog Reactive)
  • Food Aggression
  • Territorial Behaviours
  • General Obedience
  • Separation Anxiety
  • And much, much, more!

Social Groups

The Social Groups will be on Sat & Sun at 2pm from 14th & 15th October. The groups are at the Training Centre and require booking by Louisa - 075 2625 4264 - - 17 Ednego Avenue, Banbridge, Co. Down, BT32 3SJ

Specialised Socialisation

Specialised Socialisation Groups are a way of keeping certain dogs socialised in a safe and secure environment. Each dog is hand-picked and this can be ideal for dogs who get along well with chosen friends, and don’t appreciate off-lead strange dogs rushing up to them in public. Rather than these dogs being walked only on a lead and kept away from others, they come to us, for interaction and play, while their owners relax over a cup of tea or coffee.

Play time at Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park

Each group is carefully supervised and cared for with any issues being dealt with and helped at the time. If you have friends or family with dogs who you know get along, or would like to get along better so as to build a pack environment, this is the group for you.

It can also be built around your dog’s specific needs

  • Nervous/Timid Dogs
  • Boisterous Dogs
  • Rough Play Dogs
  • Only Male Sociable
  • Only Female Sociable
  • Older Dogs
  • Anxious Dogs

Puppy Days

Puppies are energetic, curious, cute little creatures, and our puppy days help them learn how to behave around sights, sounds, people and other dogs that they will encounter in their everyday lives.

Puppies Days give you the chance to speak to our behaviourists with any queries you may have, speak to other puppy owners and exchange tricks, tips and stories about their pup and its adventures, while you watch your pup at play, making new friends, learn life social skills and adapt to the surroundings of other humans and their pups.

Senior Days

Quite the opposite of 'puppy days'. This day is slow, steady and at the dogs own pace, without the hassle of annoyance of younger dogs. While the older dog can always learn new tricks, we invite them to show us their intelligent self and a chance to shine in its own right.

Breed Specific

Breed tend to like their own breed. This means each dog with similar traits may be with their own kind for that day. To give each dog a chance to be themselves without the restraints that public opinion may give. All activities and games are designed around that particular canine’s abilities. While of course the owner enjoys a chat over a cup of tea with other like-minded owners.

At each group or event day, any dog related topic may be discussed; from diet, exercise, sleeping pattern etc.

Please contact us regarding prices and for more information.

Beechgroves Behaviourists


Louisa Dickson

From a deep passion for all animals and an early but on-going study of wolves, I realised dogs was how I wanted to spend my life. With an understanding that they did not ask to be domesticated, we did that, then they deserve every care to be kept as natural and free as possible. While most canine traits are necessary for survival in the wild, we as the owner of a family pet find many unacceptable.

Knowing that a middle ground needs to be found, it is my way that we live alongside each other in safety, without ruining the spirit of the dog. Each behavioural issue is worked along this basis, with kindness, patience and a knowledge (as best as possible) of the dogs’ mind. Never afraid of how the dog chooses to display his feelings gives me a stronger footing to do away with the old fashioned way of dominance training. A more unique, off-lead and realistic approach gives an owner a dog for life, a dog for all seasons.


Aidan Ridgeway

For a short time in my life I was without a dog, a time I promised I would never repeat. The greeting when coming home be it for two minutes or two hours would be enthusiastic. Discovering problems and learning how to correct them always improved our co-existence. Realising a dog’s character is steadfast unless issues arise. As dogs are unable to speak, education is essential to be able to discern what those issues might be. Making myself aware of their needs has become an ongoing learning experience.

It is important to remember breeds can be generalised but the individual dog has a personality all of its own and specific needs. This in itself opens a whole new world of dogs. That and the fact I was never going to be able to fit an elephant in the jeep!