Coronavirus Information

Changes Due to Covid-19

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Beechgrove has adapted accordingly and therefore booking is now required for all activities at both our Doggy Fun Park & Behaviour and Training Centre.

To keep all visitors and staff safe we ask you to be considerate of the following guidelines:

Doggy Fun Park (Weekend Playtime)

  • Booking in advance is now required for all activities.
    If you can, please allow 24 hours’ notice for a Weekend Playtime appointment.
  • Please be responsible and only bring other humans with you during your visit if *absolutely* necessary, unfortunately visiting numbers are still restricted and may be for some time.
  • Children under 16 are very welcome to the park under adult supervision.
    However, on some occasions, for safety reasons large families and those with young children may not all be able to come inside the play areas. Benches are available to watch dogs from outside play areas – please follow staff guidance.
  • Please continue to make use of the sanitising facilities before entering, during, and when leaving the park.
  • Please be patient and wait for staff to open and close gates.

Please Note: During Weekend Playtime, staff are very hands-on supervising the visiting dogs in their play sessions and making plenty of tea/coffee for humans, because of this messages and calls can be difficult to answer during these hours.

For more information on Private Appointments, Fun Agility & Puppy Hour please click here.

Training Centre

  • Booking required.
  • Maximum of 2 people per dog at Social Groups.
  • For safety reasons under 16’s are not permitted at Social Groups.
  • Please DO NOT open any gates - This is extremely important, please be patient and the gates will be opened for you.
  • Please try not to be late to Social Groups, these groups are specialised, and dogs need to be settled in carefully to get the most out of their experience, one late arrival can upset the whole group. If you are late you may not be able to join in the group.
  • Private Training Appointments – If possible, please wait in or by your car until your appointment start time.
  • Please continue to make use of sanitising facilities.

Thank you for your understanding and please do not hesitate to contact us via Call/Text if you have any questions:

  • Paula - 07907275732
    Big Dogs, Private Appointments & Fun Agility

  • Nikki - 07546124423
    Small Dogs & Puppies

  • Louisa - 07526254264
    Behaviour & Training Centre

  • Carolyn - 07770538514
    General Enquiries & Events

  • Email –