General Information


Beechgrove owners, agents and servants assume no responsibility for any accidents/injuries to any dog and/or the dog's owner (handler) while in/on the dog park property or using any park equipment.

Beechgrove owners, agents and servants shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft caused in respect of any equipment, animal, vehicle or other property used in connection with the facilities offered.

All dogs and people enter the park at their own risk.

Please remember...
Any dog is capable of biting or acting aggressively in certain situations - even your own!

Park Rules & Regulations

Beechgrove wants all visitors (dogs and human) to enjoy their time at the park, but please observe the following guidelines to ensure your own safety and that of your dog:


Dogs should be supervised by their owners/handlers at all times

Owner's/Handler's must clean up after their dog

To help prevent dog fights, owner's/handler's should enquire about the nature of any unfamiliar dogs already in the park before releasing their own dog amongst them.

It is recommended to observe the "body language" of your dog and other dogs in the park.

If your dog becomes unruly or aggressive, you should put it on a lead and remove it from the play areas for "time out" to allow it to calm down and park staff should be consulted. However should the unruly or aggressive behaviour continue or appear threatening the dog must be removed from the park immediately.

Please follow staff guidance as we only wish to protect you, your dog and all visitors - remember that should your dog attack or injure another dog or person not just at Beechgrove, but anywhere you are held liable by law and your dog could end up being PTS .

Should you become concerned about another dog's behaviour, please consult a member of staff.

Dogs known to be aggressive towards other dogs or people (or exhibit threatening behaviour) should not be brought to the park at weekends, but a private area can be booked for such dogs midweek. Dogs that have previously displayed aggression or a high prey drive must be muzzled at all times or identified to staff upon entering the car park before the dog is removed from a vehicle, so that any necessary precautions and appropriate supervision can be put in place to assess the dogs behaviour to check if it is a risk to other visitors or staff, unfortunately should this be the case the dog will have to leave the park. - If the park is busy and it is not possible to segregate a dog exhibiting threatening behaviour then for the safety of all dogs and visitors the dog will be refused admission to the park at that time.

Non-neutered male dogs are restricted to one per area to help prevent dog fights and as the park can be very busy at weekends it is therefore advisable to phone prior to visiting with a non-neutered male on Saturdays or Sundays to make sure space is available.

Females in heat should not be brought to the park until their season is completely over.

For Your Own Safety - Do Not Touch Any Dog Without First Asking The Owner/Handler's Permission

Children under the age of 16 should have adult supervision at all times.

Dog Park obstacles and agility equipment is designed to be used by dogs only and young children should remain under parental supervision and not allowed to climb on such equipment.

All food waste, cigarette butts, paper cups and rubbish must be placed in the bins provided - these are all tempting treats for your dog, but bad for them.

Your dog must have its vaccinations up to date and puppies must have had all their puppy shots. It is advisable to ensure your dog has had the kennel cough vaccination also. - No contagious diseases or conditions please.

All visiting dogs should wear a collar or harness.

Dogs under one year of age should not be encouraged to jump as their hip bones etc are still developing.

Dogs & Children must never be left unattended in the dog park.

Otherwise... Have fun folks and enjoy your pet!