Puppy Hour

Time: Saturday: 10am – 11am *Please contact us for additional Puppy Hour times* **Booking Required**

Prices: £8.00 – 1 Puppy £2.00 for each additional puppy thereafter (Prices apply to Puppies within in the same family)

To Book please contact via Call or Text to:
Nikki - 07546124423

A special hour for your pup to spend time making friends their own age and learning how to interact with new people, dogs, and experiences.

Puppy Hour provides the perfect opportunity to safely kick-start your puppy’s socialisation - Ideal for pups who are just beginning their socialisation and for gentler, more timid puppies to gain some confidence. Puppy Hour is an off-lead group held in one of our securely enclosed play areas and under the watchful supervision of trained and experienced staff. Our staff are there to help puppy owners introduce their pups to the group, help guide how to encourage confidence and help you to regain some focus and calm from your puppy when it is needed. Mostly, you will be able to enjoy a cuppa and lots of puppy cuddles, whilst your little one makes friends and uses up all that fun puppy energy.

This is not a formal puppy training class; however, we do include games and tips each week that help build up the basics like Recall, Loose Lead Walking, Impulse Control and more through fun! Puppy Owners are always very welcome to talk to our trained and qualified staff about any doggy queries you may have (Training, Diet, Health, etc) during Puppy Hour, we are always happy to help!

Puppies are welcome to join in as soon as they have had all necessary vaccinations and, depending on their confidence level, up to 6 months old. When booking in we will ask some questions about your puppy, for example their breed and age, this is to help us choose the right Puppy Hour group for them. We have different playgroups to suit all ages and stages of puppies and teens, so if you are unsure of which may suit your pup best please get in touch and we will help find the right group for your puppy.

Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park - Puppy Hour
Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park - Puppy Hour
Beechgrove Doggy Fun Park - Puppy Hour